Ayurveda Treatment for Migraine


Ayurveda Treatment for Migraine


Migraine is a prevalent neurological disorder. It is the third most pervasive and sixth most disabling disease in the whole world.

What is Migraine?

It is a complex brain network disorder producing recurrent episodes of headache with symptom-free intervals.

Ayurvedic View of Migraine

In Ayurveda Migraine is related to “Suryavarta”. It is one of the 11 shiro-rogas explained in the ancient texts. It is a tridoshaja vyadhi with vata-pittaolbana sannipata i.e. all the three doshas are vitiated with the dominance of vata and pitta dosha.


Surya’ Sun

Avarta’– Position

It means the changes in positions of the sun. Its co-relation with headache is as follows.

  • In the morning – Initiation of Headache
  • At noon – Headache intensifies with the increased brightness of the sun
  • In the Evening- A sun settles in the west, pain gets milder


Causative factors

  • Vegadharana (Intentional withholding of the natural urges like urine,sneezing, coughing , etc.)
  • Urdhwaadhahpratatekshanaihi (Stare down or up always)
  • shiroabhigata (Head injury)
  • Upadhama (Unsuitable head postures)
  • Pratishyaya (Rhinitis or sinusitis)
  • Atirodana (excessive weeping or crying)
  • Nishi jagrana (Staying awake at night)



  • Akshiruk (Pain in the eyes)
  • Bhruruk (Pain in the eyebrow region)
  • Swara bheda (Difficulty in speech)
  • Spandanvat vedna (Unilateral and pulsating headache)
  • Starts as a dull ache and worsens with time
  • Udvega (anxiety)
  • Shirashoola (Headache)


General Management

  • Rest in a quiet and dark room.
  • Drink fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply
  • Yoga asanas (suryanamskara, shavasana etc.)
  • Pranayama (Ujjayi, Anuloma-Viloma)
  • Meditation


Ayurvedic Procedures

  • Shiro Dhara
  • Shiro Vasti
  • Nasyam
  • Siravedha at lalatam- Raktamokshana (Incision on forehead)
  • Abhyanga (Massage)

There is no specific treatment for migraine in modern medicine. They only follow}e nervous system efficiently. Ayurveda treatment is a convenient method to deal with migraine. You can also choose Ayurveda consultation online for better diagnosis and treatment plan at our site. Here, we engage you with the best ayurvedic medical faculties.

–  Dr Subajanane Jeyanthan –

Niyanthree Ayurveda Clinic, Colombo, Sri Lanka.


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