Uncontrollable Hiccups.


Uncontrollable Hiccups.

Hiccusps (hikka): Hikka is derived from the Sanskrit word (hinasti asoon) means that which destroys life (prana).

Modern Medical concept:

Hiccups are troublesome problem for both patient and the attending physician. Hiccups results from an involuntary clonic spasm of the respiratory muscles with sudden interruption of inspiration by the closure of the glottis.

Ayurveda concept:

Acharya Charaka mentioned in Charaka samhita about Hikka:

‘Kaamam praanaharaa rogaa bahavo na tu te tatha| Yatha shwasasca hikka ca prananaashu nikrunthataha||’ Reference – Charaka samhita- Chikitsa stana 17/6

The meaning is – it is true there are many diseases which can kill a patient. But none of these are deadly as Asthma and Hiccup that can kill a patient instantaneously. Even if the patient has been ailing with several other diseases, at the time of death he falls a victim to hiccup and asthma that are immensely painful.

Since vata specially Udana and Prana vata moves rapidly upward with the sound ‘HIC’  ‘HIC’ sound causing shaking of the liver, spleen, and intestines causing life threatening condition.

Causative factors (Nidana) of Hiccup:

Hiccup is due to spasms of the Diaphragm (Mahapracira) and is caused by the following factors:

  1. Food habits (Ahara)- consuming pungent, sour, spicy foods which cause damage to the stomach and intestines. Being Empty stomach for a long time, consuming heavy food like cheese, meats, curd, ghee,  fermented foods, carbonated cold drinks, seafoods etc
  2. Prolonged inhalation of dust, poisonous smoke, wind, pollen, chemical dyes, colours, petrol fumes, working in a very cold and damp atmosphere.
  3. Irritation to the peritoneum (Aaudurya kalaa vikruti)
  4. Liver diseases (yakrut roga), Kidney diseases (vrkka roga), Ureamia, diseases of plurae etc.
  5. Vata vyadhi- diseases related to nerves system, brain tumors, meningitis, hysteria etc.
  6. Unknown causes (adrsta karma).

Pathogenesis (samprapti):

Vayu(air) located in the chest after afflcting the channels carrying Prana vayu (life) gets affected and stimulates kapha dosha. This leads to the causation of deadly disease called Hikka which is of 5 varieties.

  1. Maha hikka
  2. Gambhira hikka
  3. Vyapeta hikka
  4. Ksudra hikka
  5. Annaja hikka

Sadya Asadyata (Curable and incurable):

Sadya (curable) –  Annaja hikka and Vyapeta hikka, and ksudra hikka

Asadya (incurable) – Gambhira hikka and Maha hikka


External medicines:

  • Nasya (nasal drops)
  • Yastimadhu with honey
  • Shunti dried (ginger) with guda (jaggery)
  • Vamana (emesis) – pippali churna with sugar, warm ghee, sugar cane juice.
  • Purgation (virechana)-  with virecana dravya sitopala + ghee + Saindhava consumed luke warm.
  • Anuvasana vasti (oil enema)
  • Dhuma (medicated smoke inhaling) – Haridra, blackgram powder equal parts burnt and smoke should be inhaled.
  • Smoke of narikela jata also used.

Internal medicines:

  • Mayura chandrika bhasma 250mg + pippali churna 2g with honey
  • Shrungi bhasma + marica bhasma –each 500mg with honey
  • Pushkara mulachurna + marica churna + yavakshara – 1g each with hot water
  • Rasamanikya 120mg with honey

Home remedies:

  • Pranayama (control of breath)
  • Causing Surprise or threatening


Sudden sprinkling of cold water, distraction of mind, exposure to fear, anger, anxiety, love.


Guru (heavy), sheeta (cold), refrigerated foods, fast foods, sea food, soft drinks, controlling natural urges, exposure to dust, smoke etc


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